About us

Are we painters? Yes, we are, but we are also homeowners. No matter who you are, professional painter or not, everyone likes a well done painting job. That’s why we’ve created these products to maximize performance and durability

Painter’s Aid is the only line of products made exclusively from professional painters for anyone to use.

Our tools are designed with the wisdom of 30 years commercial painting experience.

Our founder, Jose Carlos Diaz, a high-experienced painter, dreamt about having the perfect tools to do the perfect painting job. With a pencil, a few papers and a lot of imagination, designed our products to equip himself and his team with tools they could depend on.

“We’re confident that our products will work because we use them ourselves.” – Jose Carlos Diaz.

In 1986, when Jose Carlos started his own company, he realized the hassles of working as a painter. After a few job related accidents through the years, he started noticing the hazards that also came with the ladders and heights. He also noticed the loss in time that occurred due painters having to go up and down the ladder to pick up tools.

After a long day of work, painters don’t usually take proper care of tools, especially the brushes. The brushes are rinsed but with no proper storage, brushes are left with their fibers bent. In 2014, Jose started creating two products that would make a painters’ job safer, faster, and cheaper. Both product have undergone various modifications and have been tested in actual jobs sites.

“I can assure you that by using my products, you will start saving time and money, guaranteed!” – Jose Carlos Diaz.